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JlearnIt is a multilingual dictionary sorted by categories that helps you learn vocabulary
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26 March 2009

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The usage of foreign language has greatly increased in the past few decades that have reinforced its importance in a major way. People with the knowledge of any one foreign language considerably have an edge over their counterparts in terms of job prospects and career growth as well. Further, the importance of foreign language also fosters the cultural and social opportunities for an individual and also facilitates rewarding experiences in terms of traveling the native country. The intelligence quotient is also considered to be higher in people having the knowledge of a foreign language besides their native tongue. With so many pros of learning an overseas lingo, it becomes imperative and advisable to give it a thought and go for it. JLearnIt for Mac offers the same opportunities in a cost effective and efficient manner.

JLearnIt for Mac 5.0 opens with an interesting looking interface with the main options for place at the top pane and the options for learning the language and details is placed on the left panel. The tabular form of screen window displays the words in English with their multilingual meanings and synonyms make it a very user friendly application. The thematic dictionary allows the user to learn multiple languages at once and remember them with the help of interactive assessment procedures. The vocabulary of the application can be increased by adding new categories and even delete the old ones if required. The user can also change the skin of the interface and the language updated as desired and save configurations to look up the internet.

To conclude, JLearnIt for Mac 5.0 certainly proves to be a profitable investment for its users and provides knowledge in a much better manner and gets a rating of four scores for its user friendly performance.

Publisher's description

JLearnIt is a thematic dictionary that allows you to learn vocabulary thanks to the questionnaire.
You can also translate text (word by word) or search for incomplete words, sort the languages to get it in alphabetical order, rearrange the order of the languages, save your score, save as HTML, show only the languages you're interested in. Each word has a level often used(1)-technical word(10).
You can choose to see only the words of a certain range of level or to be asked for words of that level.
You can also add and delete your vocabulary and categories, cut/copy/paste even between your spreadsheet program and JLearnIt.
You can change the language and the skin of JLearnIt.
You can get more information about the word on the Internet, save your configuration.
JLearnIt won't ask you the same word if you know the word (you can change the settings about what 'know' means for you). It won't ask you for the word that starts with the same letters as the translation.
You can edit words and set properties for this word.
The languages available are English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Russian, Latin and Czech.
You can choose another file than the vocabulary from the Internet or your hard disk. (French departments, Morse code, ...).
You can also create a new file for you.
JLearnIt is platform independent : runs on Windows, Linux, MacOs, OS/2, ...
You can start it as an Applet or with WebStart. It's a fully functional shareware even after the trial period
Version 5.0
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